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Our agency connects companies like yours with competent and talented temp freelance fashion photographers and fashion stylists. One special detail about this presentation is our consideration to your specific needs as our client. This agency helps you find the best possible candidate for a fraction of what it would cost to simply hire a full-time staff member. With over 7 years of experience, we have aided companies like yours all throughout the Westchester County area fulfilling their staffing needs, assisting with creative direction, growing their social media presence and much more. We look forward to working with you.

Providing Value. Building Relationships. Creating Trust

Why choose a Kouture L.E.A.F. for your company? Here a few reasons why our staff are the the best candidates for the job!

            Keeps up to date on current trends, fashion, magazines, retail stores, popular culture, events, and social media

            Understands the complexities of talent selection and where and when it's appropriate to take new talent risks with models, hair, makeup, stylists and sets designers

            Conceptual thinkers with a solid understanding of the creative process

            Ability to develop photo strategies and direct the translation of these strategies in support of creative leadership vision, merchandising initiatives and business goals

            Outstanding portfolio with a strong commitment to producing outstanding work

            Ability to listen and act on feedback from a manager when on shoots and within office responsibilities

            Ability to direct and manage a broad range of world-class photographers, models, stylists, hair and makeup and all other talent that supports the shoot
            Strong organizational skills

            Extremely high taste level and aesthetic

            Attuned to the fashion industry and aware of current trends and Industry talent

            Team player with the ability to motivate others

            Strong communication and interpersonal skills

            Ability to work in a high-pressure environment

Essential Functions:

          Able to operate MAC

         Fluent in In Design and Adobe Photoshop

         Proficient in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Blackberry, IPAD, etc.

         Acute knowledge of wovens construction and design

Agency Benefits

As a partner you pay only the cost for temporarily hiring our freelancers, should you be interested in hiring our staff for a permanent position simply pay a percentage of their salary or a small flat fee. That’s it! We’re able to find you quality candidates and offer a high return on your investment. Our Agency is a service you can trust to find the talent that you need.

There are many benefits to working with an agency such as Kombination Kouture. Skip the hiring process, no need to waste time screening potential staff members, our agency will complete a thorough background check on all pre-qualified candidates prior to hiring them within our agency. Our staff members are already trained and can easily adapt to any environment. Cost? Clients pay through our agency and our freelancers are compensated based on experience and their overall knowledge of the industry. Save money and time by partnering with us today!

The Vestire Vogue Package

The Kouturian Budget Package

Fashion Stylist

Fashion Photography

Talent selection. Interview with clients. Placement in less than 48 hours. Post-placement follow-up.

Kouturian Foto freelancers are to be booked by blocks, 4-8 hours and are available 7 days a week for placement. Our freelancers are not to exceed one full work week with a particular client unless they have been hired through our agency. Temp-perm options are available.
We offer full-day freelancers, a full-day may consist of 8 hours Monday-Friday. Weekends are not permitted unless otherwise approved by upper management as this will constitute special rates payment. When working with Kombination Kouture a specialized consultant will be assigned to you and will take full ownership of your recruitment needs. Our process is simplified: Client needs. Client match with Kouture L.E.A.F. staff.
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